Foods at Consulate General of Republic of Indonesia, San Fransisco

Nasi uduk, bittermelon, balado eggplant and shrimp, vermicelli, kerupuk, rempeyek, egg opor, pisang goreng, martabak. ❤❤❤

Special note for the bittermelon, there was a kick of fish paste “terasi” that went incredibly well. My best bittermelon dish ever!
By Ibu Sri, from Cilacap.

Edible Gems of Bali: Suckling Pork Rice “Nasi Babi Guling” Sari Kembar

Suckling pork rice is a meal with almost all parts of a whole pork cooked and seasoned in different ways. It is a Balinese signature dish that resembles its traditional ceremony to cook a whole pork and also the ways Balinese construct their flavor preference from what is available in nature. I would say this is one of Indonesian cooking styles that would make your eyes glare widely and say ,”I never imagined such flavors exist”.

This specific “Sari Kembar” suckling pork rice is what I always crave outisde Bali for 16 years, not moved by the others. This is my favorite because it has whole rounds of dishes which none of them is too greasy: roasted and yellow-seasoned pork meats and fats, pork spiced satay, pork fried lungs, pork fried chopped ribs, crispy pork skin, and pork bone soup with banana stem. The side dishes are usually stirfried cassava leaves, a mixture of stirfried jackfruit-haricot-papaya meat, and sambal.

The whole meal provides a wide range of flavor variations but rooting to one typical character, which Balinese calls it a “full seasoning”: shallots, chili, ginger, kunci (fingerroot, Boesenbergia rotunda), galangal, turmeric, kencur, lemongrass, cloves, citrus leaves, and could be many more depending to each region.

What’s In My Backpack

I’m spending this winter holiday in Indonesia, where family and friends are billing my promise to cook after watching my posts this whole time. This is what I carry almost everyday from kitchen to kitchen.

“Game Meat” – Food Experience, United Kingdom

Game meat: meat from hunting. I got two game meat dishes, one in Oxford and one in Chipping Campden.

 The game meat pie in Oxford was quite incredible, the sharpness of the venison, partridge, and pheasant meats were complemented by the light puff pastry. The meats came in a hearty thickened broth, which I could taste an accent of garlic, onion, and red wine in it. With a little dash of salt and pepper, it was perfect to scoop and gulp the whole thing down.

The second game meat I ate was a home roast venison. Again, onion, garlic, and red wine seems to play a role. But this time, the very tender meat was accompanied by some slow-cooked red cabbage, giving a distinct dimension of fruitiness. The thicker broth wets the smooth mashed potato well, made a combination of the very textured meat with the smooth potato. A local ale summed up the night, which closed with some cheeses (brie, stilton, sharp cheddar, and gruyere) and cream cheese cake – British does the cake first, and French the opposite.