TempeBar – Tempeh Health Bar

This creation has been in my kitchen for months, containing so much hope to be a solution for healthy snacking. I had been thinking of patenting and registering trademark of it. However, my heart doesn’t go for anything that prevents others to cherish this healthy delicacy. I decided to set this idea free, I wish the world can make more creation of tempeh to enjoy, which all could begin from this single humble post. Please access www.tempe-bar.com.


TempeBar is a healthy snack bar made of chocolate-covered baked tempeh. Among other snack bars, TempeBar stands out by its main ingredient: tempeh.

Tempeh is a fermented traditional food from Indonesia, firstly documented in a 16th century ancient inscription. Tempeh has high protein, low fat, low carbohydrate, low salt, and contains the essential Vitamin B12 that is commonly found in animal products. While other bars usually use high amount of sugar and fat to compact the grains, TempeBar does not need that thanks to the favorable fermentation, which also makes the nutrients easier to digest and eliminate soy bean’s anti-nutrient.

TempeBar has a very unique taste – a combination of tempeh’s nutty and umami, semi-sweet chocolate’s sweet and bitter, and dimensions of sweet berry or savory coconut as toppings.

TempeBar is a hope for solution to affordable and healthy snacking, including for vegetarians and vegans. It is a gift from Indonesian culture tradition to the world.

While the idea is set free, TempeBar is welcoming investors and manufacturers to spread the good news in the market around the world.