Breakfast with THE Jessica Gavin Over Bouchon, Las Vegas

One of the most inspiring people in my food world: Jessica Gavin – a mom, a full-time food professional (product development), a professional food blogger, and a wonderful friend. We were linked through IFT’s Food Communicators workshop with other great food communicators.

At Bouchon, it was actually my first time to try Croque Madame – I missed it when I went to Paris. And it was brilliant. The egg on top was very slowly cooked on pan, it was a jiggly gel with only solid at the bottom. The brioche bread was so rich and had the crunchy texture. The ham/jambon rose was kicking with its salty and super savory meaty flavor. The bernaise sauce were thick enough to stick to the sandwich but thin enough to pool in my mouth. The french fries on the side were also on point – French standard.

Altogether it was a wonderful experience – wonderful friend over wonderful food. Not to mention it was Jessica’s treat 😂.