First Exotic Gastronomy Experience at Nusa Gastronomy

Nusa Gastronomy was where my first exotic gastronomy experience was. Being invited personally by the head chef, the Nusa Gastronomy human being, himself took the experience to another level. His values were poured into the dishes served – respect and love to our nature: ingredients, cooking traditions, cultures, international cuisine, and the arts of feeding fellow beings. All ingredients were carefully curated and brought from the original regions, then crafted with respect to the stories behind each one.

My highlights were the chocolate dessert that immersed us into a sensorical tour of Indonesian chocolates from many different islands; native fishes that were matched with spices and cooking styles from respective regions; and dedicated drinks that enhances or balanced every dish.

Altogether, this was a touching experience that invigorated gratitude of the cultures we are in, the nature we live on, and the foods that we can enjoy in front of us on the dining table – before being metabolised and become a part of our selves.