$3 Pretzel Sandwich: Honestly One of The Best and Cheapest I’ve Ever Tasted!!

Alright! It was a hectic morning, couldn’t tailor the ingredient one by one or make anything fancier. But thanks to the combination of what happened to be in my kitchen, I got one of the best breakfast ever!

 Ingredients: Pretzel bun. Turkey breast (sauteed with salt and pepper). Eggs. Lettuce. Tomatoes. Portabella mushrooms. Mozarella cheese.

Total cost: $3 / portion

$1 Open Sandwich

Again, it is basically chasing with expiration date of the foods in my fridge. Maybe this is more like making basic stuffs beautiful other than a sophisticated dish. 

Ingredients: Toast. Spring mix salad leftover. Portabella mushroom (fried with bread crumbs). Egg. Tomato.

Total cost: $1 / serving