Humans of Tempeh: Chef Bradley and His Fusion Homy Tempeh Dish

We met Executive Chef James Bradley and his stunning tempe dish at Po’shines Cafe in Portland, Oregon, United States. He shared, “Look at how Asians eat beef. They eat a little bit with a little bit this and that. They don’t eat a whole steak or burgers everyday. We need to change.”

 The dish served was tempeh marinated in a combination of South American spices and Asian umami, grilled and served with grilled mango, avocado salad, and rice crispies.

Breakfast with THE Jessica Gavin Over Bouchon, Las Vegas

One of the most inspiring people in my food world: Jessica Gavin – a mom, a full-time food professional (product development), a professional food blogger, and a wonderful friend. We were linked through IFT’s Food Communicators workshop with other great food communicators.

At Bouchon, it was actually my first time to try Croque Madame – I missed it when I went to Paris. And it was brilliant. The egg on top was very slowly cooked on pan, it was a jiggly gel with only solid at the bottom. The brioche bread was so rich and had the crunchy texture. The ham/jambon rose was kicking with its salty and super savory meaty flavor. The bernaise sauce were thick enough to stick to the sandwich but thin enough to pool in my mouth. The french fries on the side were also on point – French standard.

Altogether it was a wonderful experience – wonderful friend over wonderful food. Not to mention it was Jessica’s treat 😂.

Foods at Consulate General of Republic of Indonesia, San Fransisco

Nasi uduk, bittermelon, balado eggplant and shrimp, vermicelli, kerupuk, rempeyek, egg opor, pisang goreng, martabak. ❤❤❤

Special note for the bittermelon, there was a kick of fish paste “terasi” that went incredibly well. My best bittermelon dish ever!
By Ibu Sri, from Cilacap.

Runny Cashew Chicken over Rice

Just a casual lunch among studying for PhD comprehensive exam. This fresh, made-to-portion, warm cashew chicken running down my rice really boosted my mood.

Garlic, green onions, soy sauce, oyster sauce, chicken, vinegar, brown sugar, Sichuan peppercorn, dried chili, sesame oil, sesame seed, salt, black pepper.

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37-hour Indonesian Smashed Pork Ribs

Again, melting pork ribs cooked for 37 hours, smashed with Indonesian fresh ground chili paste (sambal ulek). My pork shoulder roast has been beaten.

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37-hour Mom-style Sweet Soy Sauce Pork

One of my family’s winning dishes honed. Nothing so fancy – ginger, garlic, soy sauce, oyster sauce, pork ribs. Cooked for 37 hours sous vide then seared under broiler. The meat melted in my mouth, the sauce infused the rice, the ginger transformed into a sweet kick, the pork fat and gelatin mixed with the sauce.

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Indonesian “Pecel” with Homemade Bawang Goreng

Indonesian pecel is  mix of blanched/boiled/steamed vegetable with savory peanut sauce containing ground shallots, chili, palm sugar, salt, and sometimes candle nut. With the obligatory kerupuk (Indonesian cracker) and bawang goreng (fried shallots), this dish brings multiple layers of sensations – freshness of the vegetables, richness of the nutty spicy sauce, added depth of the fried shallots, and crunchiness from kerupuk.



  • Peanut
  • Shallots
  • Chili
  • Candle nut
  • Palm sugar
  • Salt


  • Spinach
  • Carrots
  • Cabbage
  • Beansprouts
  • French green bean


  • Shallots
  • Kerupuk


  1. Blanch the vegetables in boiling water for 1-2 minutes until vibrant, strain
  2. Ground all the sauce ingredients and add boiling water until slightly watery
  3. Coat sliced shallots with flour, fry until golden brown
  4. Fry kerupuk until well-expanded
  5. Serve with a dash of sweet soy sauce (kecap)

Instant Noodle Tempe

Inspired by the Indomie Uniqmie competition, I tried to push my creativity on preparing instant noodle. This instant noodle tempe reflects myself – A food scientist, technologist, fermentist, who loves food so much and play around with it. The feeling of creating something new playfully always one of the best rewards.

How to Make

  1. Cook noodle in boiling water, drain and dry with paper towel
  2. Mix with 1 tsp of vinnegar in a clean bowl, then mix with 1 pinch of tempe starter
  3. Incubate in warm room temperature (I did 32 degree Celsius for 30 hours) until solid white
  4. Cook as tempe, I fried it and seasoned it with the instant noodle’s seasonings. You can also rub the seasoning on the noodle tempe before cooking.