About Me

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Amadeus Driando Ahnan (Ando) is currently pursuing his PhD in Food Science at University of Massachusetts Amherst, United States, researching on anti-colorectal cancer effect of foods’ bioactive compounds – berries and tempeh.

Ando with his mother and grandfather founded and chair the social enterprise Indonesian Tempe Movement, which educates people about tempe – an affordable and environmental friendly protein source.

also actively involved in Institute of Food Technologists – International Division, Student Association; Asia Pacific Food Analysis Network; and Research Chef Association.

In his free time Ando is a song-writer, home cook, book author, and sports person.





LinkedIn: https://id.linkedin.com/in/driando

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/driando

E-mail: driando.ahnan@gmail.com

6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Outstanding recipes. Unique and fresh! But how do you know your food taste like in the end? How do you know blueberry jam make a very great pair with ham and fetta cheese? Any tricks?



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    1. Hi Lissa! Thank you! Hahaha yeah I usually got inspired by foods I meet (always escape for new unique foods on weekends). So for this sandwich, I went to the Hollow Mill Valley, Vermont, US, and asked the cash register girl for the best unique menu they got. And it was applecore sandwich! It inspired me how their bacons, apple slices, and thick sweet apple jam go along really well!
      And like usual, I then make a revenge in my kitchen to make such delicacy for cheap 🙂

      Does it do the trick?


    1. It’s very nice of you to give such positive feedback, it is my pleasure to share something that would benefit many people. Yours as well! Let’s keep each other updated for any chance to collaborate on sharing about tempe there!

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