How Competitions in US Food Science Career Are Admirably Open & Objective

I am grateful for the NEIFT’s graduate student most prestigious Suppliers Award this year, but this is mainly not about me. It is about the food-related sciences eco-system here in the United States that objectively supports students with resources, regardless you are an international student who will go back to your country.

NEIFT (Northeast Institute of Food Technologists) is a professional affiliation for food industry professionals. Like many institutions in the US they have this “give back” culture, which donators collect money to support individual students and student events.

Last year, I noticed my inspiring senior won this award and she wrote in the application that she wanted to go back to Turkey to teach. That gave me a clue that the committee is not necessarily give the awards just to recruit the awardees to the food industry here.

I received the award with the intention of going back to Indonesia in my application and they appreciated it.

This is a strengthening example after the IFT Thesis Video Competition that allowed an international student like me to represent the US IFT to go to the UK. Apart from many social issues that seem compromise newcomers and diversity, such objective culture in the US is something we all need to celebrate and learn from.

In addition, tempe seems to attract more attention. From what I shared about tempe in my application, the committee saw it interesting enough to conduct a talk in an upcoming event. The host even printed Indonesian Tempe Movement‘s how-to-make-tempe flyers and distributed it in the event.

I hope this will inspire people in terms of trying to openly share our own unique identity and passion beyond what we thought would be rejected. I am very grateful for this career ecosystem that can appreciate that.

I would like to congratulate Thanh P Vu, Weicang, Ruojia, and Tianxi from UMass Amherst who also received other awards in the event.

I want to thank my family for the support, my advisor Dr. Xiao, my recommender Prof. Colin Denis, my mentor Prof. Clydesdale and Dr. Lorraine Cordeiro, my inspiring senior Cansu Eek and William Dixon, and many more people that I cannot include.


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