Autoimmune Disease and Whole Food Plant Based Diet

M-na0316autoimmune-opener-1Autoimmune Disease is a disease occured when your immune system start attacking your own normal body part.  The reason why this could happen is still remain unknown. Scientists, however, found a correlation between the dysregulation of T-Cells-Regulatory and B-Cells-Regulatory homeostasis. (or better known as Tregs and Bregs)  This could, for example, explain the pathomechanism of Systematic Lupus Erymathodes (SLE), Rheumatoide Arthritis (RA) , Sjögren Syndrome and many other diseases.  Normally Tregs and Bregs would help our immune sytem to distinguish our own body part and foreign particles that could be dangerous to our body. (bacteria, viruses, etc.)   There are many other examples of autoimmune diseases: Diabetes Type I, Hashimoto Thyreoditis, Morbus Crohn, Multiple Sklerose, Colitis ulcerosa and the list continues.  Now, autoimmune diseases are sadly not curable (yet).  The latest drugs , for example, Biologicals that are developed for fighting RA, still cannot cure RA.  It can only damp the inflammation caused by it. It goes the same for steroids.  Damp, not cure.

Patients that are having a Whole Food Plant Based Diet (WFPBD), however, showed an improvement of the symptoms of RA (one of the most common autoimmune disease). [1][2]   The phytochemicals that appear only on plants [3]can reduce -not only damp- the inflammation.  Specifically, taking a 1/2 – 1 tablespoon of turmeric-curcumin may really help your body reduce the inflammation [4]. Studies have also proofed that meat consum may lead to higher inflammation [5].   WFPBD is – strictly said- not exactly the same as veganism or vegetarianism.  As a vegan or vegetarian, you can still eat processed foods and excess sugar as many as you like – as long as it’s vegan or vegetarian.  But both of them also contain saturated fat which causes inflammation.  So if you are struggling with any autoimmune disease right now, here what we could suggest you: 1. reduce your meat consumption 2. rely only on freshly cooked vegetables and fruits. 3. try also NOT to consume processed foods and excess sugar found in : canned, dried or sweetened fruits, cakes, ice creams, junk foods, etc. 4. learn to cook your own meals – trust me, it IS really fun.

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