NYC Culinary Trip: Still – Katz’s Pastrami Sandwich

A type of food that I would always go back for: cultural, barely impossible to make by myself, and exceptionally delicious. Not much to say, go taste it yourself – the moist, crumbly, spiced-crust, bright red, striking cuts of beef. It would make you doubt all the beefs you have eaten before or wonder how possible that it’s the same part of the same animal you’ve been eating all this time. Currently still on top in my NYC food list.

Culture: historical jewish immigrant-brought food preservation technology (such as brining, corning, etc.), ingredients (spices and herbs for meat crust and breads), American classic food stall.

Almost impossible to make: weeks of brining, bulk portions of beef, industrial grade of equipment to make the brisket-like char, hard-to-guess recipe.

Exceptionally delicious: melts and kicks in your mouth like no other beef.

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