Single-Origin Pea Berry Luwak Coffee in Indonesian-style Brunch

This is my first time trying a single-origin luwak coffee (pea berry), accompanied with some bites of fried banana/plantain like how many Indonesians have their snack or brunch time. The first time I opened the coffee container, I smelled something like no other coffee. If I’m to map the aroma, it was more like ‘scattering’. Just from its aroma you would notice there are lots of byproducts from the fermentation, making it rich and highly multi-dimensional, like a full circle. I could smell coffee’s disctinct ‘roasted’, slightly acidic and slightly bitter aroma, together with some mild and bold savoriness. There are also probably umami and kokumi that give the ‘body’, which was steeper than the deep body I tasted from the multi-origin luwak coffee I tried.

Single-origin luwak coffee is produced by processing coffee beans excreted from luwak after digestion (re: feces), which single bean type is selected before making it available to the luwak to eat.

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