< $1 No-Guilt Butternut Squash – Merry Christmas! (Featuring Audrey Aliwarga Ceramicware)

Alright, it’s not because the recipe is cheap. It’s because I’m in Indonesia right now. I went grocery shopping at a ‘walking market’ only 10 meters of my house, bought some sticks of carrots, celeries, a pack of onion, and a brick-size tempe for not even 1 dollar. My neighbour then gave a butternut squash for free, FRESH FROM HIS FARM, which of course became the main course. Voila!

Olive oil, soffrito, butternut squash, whole milk, salt, pepper. I like this recipe a lot because it has the kick from the carrot and celery without overcoming the flavors of the butternut squash. I use milk instead of heavy cream just as an emulsifier. Easy, fresh, lean, no guilty (saving stomach for something else).

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