My First Filet Mignon (DIY Sous Vide)

Just a casual lunch at home with a cut of filet mignon bought fresh. I always delayed to buy this cut since it’s expensive, though finally I got a tiny one – perfect for my eating portion. 

Compared to other steak cuts I usually got such as prime rib, strip, porterhouse, this cut is extremely tender. It jiggles around when shaked and bouncy when pinched. After a 1-hour DIY sous vide at about 129 degree Fahrenheit with some thymes, garlics, and bayleaf, I pan-seared it on smoking browned butter to form the crust after seasoning with salt and pepper.

I cut it into slices diagonaly against the meat fibers, to check if it’s about medium-rare as I wanted – a balance of the juicy, gamy, honest flavors of meat with the savory textured crust.

I enjoyed the cuts one by one with hand, finding my most tender beef I’ve ever had. It was almost like eating a sagoo bread with the taste of rich beef.

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