The Duck (Confit) & Waffles – Food Experience, United Kingdom

The first I learned about this restaurant, I thought the food would be overrated by the interesting 40 level-high view setting over London. However, I would definitely recommend this even if you have had confit de canard in Paris’ La Fontaine de Mars!

I needed to book the table before the day, and dedicatedly went there before 7AM to enjoy my 1 seat reservation. With the view over London as the main thing in mind, I ordered the restaurant’s name on the menu and lowered my expectation.

Only 15 minutes later then my focus was completely taken away from the view. The dish came with a piece of whole duck confit leg, a sunny side up with a dash of kosher salt on the yolk, a 1/4 circle of waffle, and a small cup of maple syrup with spherified mustard. The egg was perfect – no burnt parts, runny yolk. The waffle was mild with an accent of buttery. It seemed that the other components let the duck played the main chores.

Then I tasted the duck. It turned out speechless. The skin was crackling without to many oils, and right after you penetrated the layer you will find 1.5 milimeter layer of duck fat with no burnt region at all. After that second layer then you have the moist and very tender duck leg meat, easily pulled into fibers or cut down with your knife. The taste was incredibly rich without too much fat or salt as I could taste the distinct duck meat flavor, still with its juices trapped inside the skin and fat layers. It was quite incredible how they set the timing and temperature of using the duck fat that was used as cooking oil.

I was already satisfied with the perfect duck leg, but the sauce brought another side of the story. The maple syrup with the spherified mustard gave the sweetness depth and a kick, accompnying the duck meat’s savory, meaty, fatty; the waffle’s starct, buttery; the egg’s savory and umamy. Altogether, you also have layers of textures dancing your mouth – crackling, melting, fibrous of the duck meat; flaky, and a bit of crispiness of the waffle; a gelly and melting of the egg; and the syrup of the sauce with kicking granules.

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