The Fish & Chips – Food Experience, United Kingdom

Another worldwide-known food from the UK. After investing my time googling the best fish and chips in London (ended up with Poppie’s in Aldgate), my heart was actually left at an unpredicted pub in East London.

Poppie’s fish and chips was amazing. You would notice that they use a mixed-flour batter, giving its crispy, savory, and rich bite wrapping the fresh flaky cod. A cup mushy peas marked the original taste of English fish and chips I guess with a bit of ‘greenish’ flavor. The only set back was the fries were not freshly fried.

Surprisingly, I like the fish and chips at The Fox (ExCel, London) better. Accidentally went there after Food Matters Live, the whole pub shaped the whole experience. The fish itself was delicious. The batter was crispy but lighter and porous, wrapping the fresh and flaky cod. The french fries were just out of the oil. The tartar sauce gave a rich texture and eggy flavor with some sparks of relish, while the sharp mushy pea finished the whole combination with its distinct flavor. A pint of cider and guiness, an Arsenal game on screen, the live music, and the whole pub turned all my senses on.

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