The English Breakfast – Food Experience, United Kingdom

“What are you going to order?”, a stranger asked me during the 1 hour waiting in the line. “The full monty”, I answered, “No way, you shouldn’t!”.

Alright, here it is, the famous calorie bomb English breakfast (though I still see the beautiful cultural story behind it). I got a sunny side up egg, a poached egg, a pink pork sausage, a black pudding, a whole sauted mushroom, a pair of butter-toasted bread, a slice of roasted tomato, a slice of pink twisty bacon, a cup of beans, slices of fried potatoes, and a glass of English breakfast tea with milk. 

It was actually my first meal in the UK, as you can see the expression of the will to experience UK to the fullest. I skipped breakfast, hoping that would justify eating the whole portion. 

Anyway, you could probably imagine the tastes of most components. But the black pudding, the sausage, and the bacon were quite unique. The black pudding was obviously a new thing for me, having its savory, bitter (in a good way), and rich flavors. It kind of holds back the dominant fatty flavor from the other components. The sausage was different than American sausage or German bratwurst. Its fatty flavor was not as striking and I tasted a slight ‘brined’ and/or ‘cured’ taste shomehow. The bacon was different than American bacon, this one was more chewy and still got the texture of meat fiber. Again, the fatty was was not as striking as the American ones.

Overall, this meal just answered my curiosity to get as close as I could to know the English breakfast I always find everywhere. I would probably not have another anymore without sharing with some other two people. And don’t think the Brits eat this everyday, in fact the people whom I talked with said they only eat such meal during holiday especially when they stay at hotels.


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