“Game Meat” – Food Experience, United Kingdom

Game meat: meat from hunting. I got two game meat dishes, one in Oxford and one in Chipping Campden.

 The game meat pie in Oxford was quite incredible, the sharpness of the venison, partridge, and pheasant meats were complemented by the light puff pastry. The meats came in a hearty thickened broth, which I could taste an accent of garlic, onion, and red wine in it. With a little dash of salt and pepper, it was perfect to scoop and gulp the whole thing down.

The second game meat I ate was a home roast venison. Again, onion, garlic, and red wine seems to play a role. But this time, the very tender meat was accompanied by some slow-cooked red cabbage, giving a distinct dimension of fruitiness. The thicker broth wets the smooth mashed potato well, made a combination of the very textured meat with the smooth potato. A local ale summed up the night, which closed with some cheeses (brie, stilton, sharp cheddar, and gruyere) and cream cheese cake – British does the cake first, and French the opposite.

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