Pearl Sugar Liége Waffle

Another inspiring food I found in Boston, at Saus Cafe. Unlike other flaky and buttery waffles, this one has caramelized and crispy crust that encases its moist caky inside. Said to be Liége style, where the first Belgian waffle was founded, the pearl sugar gives a long-sustained sweetness, crumbly texture, and the caramelized crust. 

I chose vanilla bean ice cream and home-made chocolate hazelnut sauce to go with among other tempting toppings such as lemon cream, salted caramel, and berry sauce. The vanilla ice cream gives balance and another dimension to the waffle. Waffle’s warmth with ice cream’s chill, buttery with light milk savoriness, pearl sugar mild sweetess with vanilla depth. Last but not least, spekulaas pieces bring eventual crunchiness to the beautiful mixture.

Location: Saus, Boston, MA, USA.

Menu: Liêge Sundae Waffle

Price: ~ $6.25

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