My First Sourdough Bread from Scratch!

This was probably one of the most satisfying (and sexiest) food I’ve ever made. It’s because it involved fermentation and I didn’t use any commercial yeast – the ‘germs’ came from my hands, bowls, water, and air themselves. It’s spesific to Amherst.
I went through 3 failures where the culture died, but the warm fresh bread in the end really paid off the 3 weeks patience.
The dip was “soy vondue” made of soy milk, soy cheese, paprica powder, salt, blackpepper, and cooking red wine. It was amazing.

6 thoughts on “My First Sourdough Bread from Scratch!

  1. My starter is ready and I am ready to make my first loaf too! I will mix the dough this afternoon and put in in fridge overnight. When I get home from work tomorrow I will have to finish making and baking. It is quite a long process, I hope it works as good as yours.


  2. My starter was dead when I checked it! I was so upset, it was going textbook until that morning. I tried to revive it but it was flat and bubble-less. I had to throw it out. I will try it again.


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