Trip to Raja Ampat Video Blog


Flight from Jakarta to Sorong
Flight from Sorong to Waisai
Boat ride from Waisai to Gam Island, Sawinggrai Beach & Resort
Spotted a very rare shark “kalabia” at the resort
Ate grilled red snapper with papaya flower
Found a “puzzle fruit” (“buah pasang-pasang”)
Spotted a black cockatoo
Spotted a kuskus on a coconut tree
Taught local ladies how to make tempeh from soy bean
Played beach soccer with the kids
Sang together with the kids

Enjoyed the above-water resort terrace morning
Spotted a sea turtle
Enjoyed freshly-baked bread with local coffee
Had a boat trip to Pyai Nemo
Hiked to the top of the hill (top view comes later)
Enjoyed fresh sweet coconut
Bought a pair of living lobster and hermit crab
Visited a resort above a mangrove forest
Spotted a mangrove fruit that would be used to make a cake crust
Spotted a shark
Spotted a flying fish crossing in front of our boat
Relaxed on a sand island
Spotted a raining location
Went back home under the rain
Enjoyed the rain
Prepared coconut leaves for making tempeh
Checked out a kid’s birthday party
Cooked the lobster and hermit crab
Removed soy bean’s skin to make tempeh
Found a man making coconut milk on the beach
Enjoyed the lobster and hermit crab with “dabu-dabu” dip (chili, shallot, lemon juice, salt), cassava leaves, and tempeh “orek”
Steamed tempeh
Enjoyed the mangrove fruit-crusted pie
View from the top of Pyai Nemo hill
Watched the sunset

Went through a small canal between islands
Spotted some corals
Took a trip around the island
Went through a big canal with strong current
Visited a resort under an island forest
Spotted an eagle
Spotted a fish rubbing its chest to a deck pole
Went around a rainy sea
Spotted a coral island that looks like a human face
Passed a dark blue sea
Enjoyed a meal brought from resort
Visited the pencil coral
Welcomed with freshly fried sukun (toothless gum)
Enjoyed a freshly-grilled fish with cassava leaves, cucumber, and dabu-dabu dip
Shared the kid’s birthday cake and the mangrove pie
Spotted a cute wind chimes mad of shells

Enjoyed a local coffee with banana under the morning rain
Spotted a dolphin beside our boat
Spotted a puffer fish
Went hunting for melinjo (Gnetum gnemon) leaves for dinner with the kids
Spotted a black caterpillar
Spotted a giant anthill
Visited a local cassava field
Grabbed some coconuts fresh from the tree for snack
Practiced cutting up coconuts
Tried to eat the coconut soft skin like the kids
Cooked the melinjo leaves
Waited for the rare Cendrawasih birds in the forest with the kids (did not find any that day)
Spotted a nepenthes
Spotted a wild scorpion orchid
Enjoyed the thick coconut meat
Enjoyed the sunset
The kids’ dad just caught some extra fishes at night
Watched how the lady grilled the fishes
Spotted a rare plant
Enjoyed the melinjo leaves with freshly-grilled fishes and dabu-dabu dip
An extra bubara fish arrived

Finally spotted the rare Cendrawasih birds dancing in their habitat (5:30AM)
Recorded the birds’ rare sound (like a car horn)
Spotted a big group of ants
Enjoyed the last meal
Farewell to the family
Headed back to Waisai, Sorong, then Jakarta

Recorded by Amadeus Driando Ahnan

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