My Previous Chicago Senses-gasms


Portillo’s Chicago-style hot dog.
Thin-sliced juicy beef with green hot peppers, carrots, and onions wrapped right away while it’s hot, making the steam penetrates inside the bun. The paper gives that patchy texture on the bun’s surface. The beef flavor was intense while the peppers gave another dimension of flavor, the mild sweet and savory taste from the bun keeping the combination mild and balanced.



Chicago’s skyline between that clear blue sky and glacier-like lake water.



Garret’s Chicago Mix Popcorn.
If you know this, you don’t know how to stop. Cheese and caramel never worked this good before.



Lou Malnati’s Deep Dish Pizza. One of the most deeply savory dish I’ve ever tasted. The three umami guys of mozzarella, parmesan (most likely), and tomato stretched the flavor dimensions, added with sausage as it was Chicago-style that delivered another depth and accent. I know, I saved my calorie limit biking around the city for this dish.



Chicago from the top.
Go to the Hancock tower about sunset, and you’ll see this intensely lighted up city guided your sight across the horizon with its street lines.



City playground. I had never found a kids playground this centralized and yet lively also with adults, including me and my friend (we are 23).



XOCO’s churros. One of the famous Chef Rick Bayless’ restaurants around, the mild sugar dusting of the churros complemented the chocolate and fresh strawberry dip extremely well.



Navy Pier.
The best place to enjoy a freezing margarita.



Navy Pier’s Level Two. 
A quick teleport to tropical nuance.

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