From One Dining Table to Another

 I just had my fourth move out since last September, and now back to Dan’s house. I’m so grateful to have those people who welcome me in their homes, and most of the time what I could do is to cook for them. From Northern Amherst, on campus housing, Texas, Chime’s house, and now back to Dan’s house in Northern Amherst, I enjoy cooking for different people and family, adjusting to their own preferences. I love it.

Now I’m living in the house of 4 people who make me feel like having a family here in Amherst. I love these new routines. Making breakfast for my new two siblings (Jessie and Josh), and sometimes dinner for up to 7 people when their friends come over.

From a dining table to another, I find one thing unchanged. I love cooking for people.

 We got more “team kecap” (Indonesian sweet soy sauce)

    Now everything comes in batches

   A new kitchen to explore

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