$1.5 Chicken Pot Pie (Thanks to UMass Dining)

It was my first day working in the UMass Hampshire Dining’s kitchen, when knowing that making chicken pot pie for the students that night took 5 hours. The two batches of the (I thought it was) soup came in aluminum bath tube filled in cut veggies, chicken broth, flour, and seasoning on olive oil before getting baked along with the bread sheets.

The whole process used up my limbs since I wasn’t adapted yet, and in my dinner afterwards there, it turned out to be the best (and my first) chicken pot pie. Absolutely delicious. But, guess what.. It was only one teeny-tiny dish out of 50s of other menu there. 5 hours. Cheers.

I remembered what Chef put there, and tried to simplify using cheapest ingredients from Big Y, adding extra veggies and turkey breast to increase the nutrition. When I came out of the oven beautifully, I couldn’t help my self to jump up and down about 4 times without anyone noticing it.

Ingredients: Canned chicken noodle soup. Frozen pea-corn-carrot. Turkey breast. Instant pie dough.

Cost: $1.5 / serving (about 1 slice)

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